What's In a Name?

What's In a Name?
Finding the meanings of names is most important.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby Name of the Day- Reagan

Today's name is Reagan.

Gender: Feminine & Masculine
English, Irish
Pronounced: RAY-gən
From an Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Ó Ríagáin meaning "descendent of Riagán". The name Riagán possibly means "impulsive". This surname was borne by American president Ronald Reagan (1911-2004).

The SS lists Reagan at the number 141 for 2008 for a girl. The name first appeared on the SS list in the year 1975 for girls at the number 947 spot. The following year in 1976 it dropped of the top 1000 completely only to show up yet again the next year in 1977 at the number 952 spot. Reagan fell off and on the list until 1981. It stayed off the list from 1981 to 1992, the following year in 1993 it showed up at the number 950 and made a huge leap to the number 704 spot in 1994 and again in 1995 at the number 575 spot. It's popularity increased very quickly the last part of the 90s. It peeked out at the number 138 spot in 2005. Reagan holds a strong spot at number 141 for girls.

The SS lists Reagan at the number 972 for 2008. The name first appeared on the SS list in the year 1996 at the number 931 spot. It has had a short run on the list, slowly gaining popularity and peeking out in the year 2004 at the number 595 spot, then slowly falling back down the list to rest at number 972 for boys.

I personally do not see the appeal for this name on a girl. For me it is neither feminine or remotely pretty. I see this as a very masculine name. On a girl it seems awkward and unfitting. On a boy Reagan is strong and well rounded. The popularity for this name on girls I believe started with the movie The Exorcist. The possessed girl, played by Linda Blair, was named Regan. The popularity wavered and then bounced back soon after Ronald Reagan took office as President of the United States.
There are a few alternate spellings for Reagan in the feminine form- Regan, Reagan, Raegan and even Rhegan. For me the most feminine spelling would be Raegan, but pronounced ree-gan not ray-gan. For a boy I prefer the spelling Regan or Ragan.

I don't find this name horrible as a whole, just very masculine. It's hard for me to find a name that fits with Reagan in a feminine sense, while matching masculine names with Reagan is not a problem for me at all. I asked a question on Yahoo!Answers. I wanted to know what people thought of the name Reagan for a girl. Here is what people thought-

First/Middle names for Reagan I think would have to fall into either the extreme feminine or the extreme masculine to help determine which gender this name is on. To use another possible unisex name would invite unwanted questions for your little one for the rest of their lives. I certainly wouldn't recommend using names such as Jamie or Taylor. For me it goes a step further even. With the rise in names being used on girls that for the most part are boys names you'd probably want to stay away from names like Riley, Evan, Kyle, Blake, Avery, Aubrey, and Mackenzie just to name a few popular "stolen boys names now turned girl names".
Some first/middle suggestions for boy and girls would be-

Reagan Elise
Reagan Ciara
Reagan Louise
Reagan Kate
Reagan Dawn
Natalie Reagan
Lydia Reagan
Amelia Reagan
Eleanor Reagan

Reagan James
Reagan Thomas
Reagan Donovan
Reagan Henry
Reagan Brody
Wesley Reagan
Lucas Reagan
Matthew Reagan
Eric Reagan

Alternatives for this name, obviously first and foremost would be the alternate spellings. Other alternatives for Reagan could be-


some a bit different but similar-

some a bit different but similar-

Overall I find the name Reagan a nice choice for boys, but one that is not quite feminine enough to sway me to consider this for a girl. I fear in time it will go the way of Brandy, Gerri, and Billie which sound like poor hick names. Reagan on a boy does sound very masculine, but it's over popularity on girls over shadows it's appeal with most people. Which I find a shame. This is one of those names that should have never been touched by feminine use.

J. Kristen